Brahms Zooms From a Livingroom


Lifetime Learning’s livestreamed concert of October 19th featured violinist pianist Daniel Kurganov and Constantine Finehouse with two of the three Brahms sonatas for that combination.    [continued]

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Dawn Breaks


A Far Cry rose above the calamitous times Saturday night with creativity, grace and a gift for conviviality, delivering a riveting and deeply satisfying soirée concertante prerecorded in Pickman Hall. “Dawn Breaks” is available for purchase HERE.



An Attraction for BCMS Regulars


“BCMS@Home” leaves me in a conundrum. The ensemble’s recently produced 73-minute video and hour of archival audio from 2017 and 2019, albeit familiar and comforting, join a crowded marketplace of recordings.    [continued]

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Glimpsing the Beyond in Beethoven


Garrick Ohlsson offered one of Beethoven’s shortest and one of his longest sonatas, the Op. 78 and the monumental Hammerklavier, Op. 106, from the Caroline H. Hume Hall at San Francisco Conservatory on behalf of Tanglewood Online.    [continued]

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She’s the First


Boston Landmarks Orchestra under conductor Christopher Wilkins celebrated the centennial of the 19th Amendment last night with music composed by women. The narration, soloists, and prerecorded clips made for a lively online outing.    [continued]

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Danes Stomp, Chop, and Scratch


Among the increasingly concert-like videos from Tanglewood, Wednesday night’s Danish String Quartet broadcast may have attained the apex of this verismo. Available until August 12th.    [continued]

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Misunderstood But Also Inspiring


Three violists delivered a Tanglewood stream highlighting the misunderstood instrument. The outing of Hindemith, Kay, Clarke and Berio runs through August 7th.    [continued]

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More Than 40% Swing


The violin and piano duo of Augustin Hadelich and Orion Weiss played Debussy, Brahms, and Adams for the Tanglewood cameras Saturday. With talent to spare, the artistic pair gave exciting, tight, enthralling, and even transcendent readings. Available online until August 1st.    [continued]

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More BSO Personalities From Studio E


Violinists Victor Romanul and Tatiana Dimitriades collaborated with pianist Jonathan Bass and a quartet of other BSO players to spotless effect in the latest transmission from Tanglewood. Available through the 31st.    [continued]

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More Great Online Lineup


Tanglewood-in-quarantine continued, as violist and violinist  Pinchas Zuckerman, cellist Amanda Forsyth, and pianist Bryan Wagorn, took us on a trip which, from start to finish, provided a delightful way to spend an hour on a humid Saturday night. Nicole Cabell introduced music of Glière, Kodály, Paradis, Fauré and Beethoven.    [continued]

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BSO Engages from Studio E


Friday night’s pre-recorded chamber concert featuring BSO players seemed even shorter than its 50-minute runtime.The works by Loeffler, Ravel and Gabriella Lena Frank will remain on until the 24th.    [continued]

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Duo Brings Concertgebouw to Tanglewood


Joy at performing together radiated from the brothers Jussens’ Concertgebouw recital, recorded before a socially distanced audience of 350 two weeks prior to this airing on the 16th at the Tanglewood 2020 Online Festival –A Summer Tradition Transformed. Available online for a week.    [continued]

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BSO Scrambles for Relevance


The Tanglewood Music Center (TMC) and the new Tanglewood Learning Institute have come up with variegated strategies to provide online substitutes for their intended tangible offerings. Viewers and listeners, though, must navigate Odyssian shoals before coming ashore on the webstream.    [continued]

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Fivesparks Hits the Spot


The 3rd Annual Harvard Music Festival, curated last week by Fivesparks, went by in virtual spaces [primarily Zoom] with astoundingly infrequent hiccups, and  showed off a vibrantly alive musical community in Harvard, MA.    [continued]

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Coming Together Like Never Before


Juventas New Music Ensemble designed its season finale “Alone Together” with the current human assemblage restrictions in mind, attempting both to simulate the experience of live performance and to capitalize on the unique potentialities of a Futura Studios as a digital performance space.    [continued]