BLO Streams Norma


Boston Lyric Opera’s recent Norma dress rehearsal recording, sent to us wirelessly by WCRB, came up to high sonic standards, though it lacked the excitement produced by the interaction of singers and players with a live audience. The stream will be available for a month on WCRB and on the BLO website.    [continued]

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Like Ravel in a Bordello on Drugs


Turangalîla may not be the most important piece of music composed anywhere since Le sacre du printemps, as Koussevitzky supposedly said, but it remains breathtakingly pretentious in a way that is fully refreshing even though exhausting. And, we may note that it first took life with our own orchestra.    [continued]


Splitting or Saving Ear Drums


With piccolo’s piercing trills, trumpet’s penetrating drills, timpani’s thundering fills, orchestra’s tutti tuning, and patrons’ neglect of the intimate and considerate whisper, concert halls reach a colossal crescendo even before the downbeat.    [continued]


BPYO Fantastique Stream Shows Possibilities


To a largely empty Symphony Hall (family and friends of the orchestra were admitted) the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra under Benjamin Zander took on the ambitious program of Stravinsky’s Petrushka and Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique for live-streaming apparatus; it worked some of the time.    [continued]

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24 New Ps & Fs in All the Keys


Larry Thomas Bell, a longtime presence in Boston now teaching at Berklee and, quite pertinently, one of this area’s most prominent neo-tonal composers, premiered his 24 Preludes and Fugues in all the key at Jordan Hall on Sunday. A tag team of four gifted pianists did the 12 numbers.    [continued]


Siren Strains of Gabrieli and Brass


With augmenting sackbuts and cornettos, the Back Bay Chorale attempted time travel to the Golden Age of Brass (and voices) Saturday night at Emmanuel Church.    [continued]

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Music Under the North Star


Last night the BSO played some scintillating music from more arctic climes. With Hannu Lintu conducting and Seong-Jin Cho as solo pianist, Symphony Hall resounded to the music of Þorvaldsdóttir, Prokofiev, and Sibelius. The concert repeats today and tomorrow.    [continued]


Bobby’s Playground: “Choo! Bing! Ba! Bui!”


Bobby McFerrin, the vocalist responsible for the 1988 hit tune Don’t Worry Be Happy, appeared Sunday at Symphony Hall alongside multi-instrumentalist Louise Cato, bass vocalist Joey Blake, human percussionist David Worm, The Singing Tribe, and special guest Meredith Monk.    [continued]

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Awadagin Pratt: Old-Master Richness


The distinguished, award-winning, many-ventured Pittsburgh-born pianist and professor is not old in years, but on Tuesday at Seully Hall he gave a lesson in keyboard performance of a sort seldom heard in concerts anymore.    [continued]

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Series Debuts Enthusiastically


After hearing the Haydn Enthusiasts at the first concert of  “Music Mondays,” I can say that the auguries look very positive for the ensemble and the series.    [continued]

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Pianist Welcomes Us Into His Salon


Dang Thai Son returned to Jordan Hall Saturday night for his 6th performance in Boston sponsored by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts. His salon-style concert of Debussy, Chopin, and Schubert invited us to dance.    [continued]

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Hogarthian Horribles Haunt BU Bedlam


Last week’s BU Opera Institute run of the ever-popular Stravinsky-Auden-Kallman The Rake’s Progress (1951) at the new Booth Theater provided an advanced workshop show satisfying to discerning patrons and giving performers’ parents the enjoyment of seeing their tuition dollars well spent.    [continued]

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In a program of chestnuts, the Vienna Piano Trios showed that it is possible to defy expectations, with brilliance, originality, and nary a gimmick.    [continued]

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Sonorous Musicianship from Joshua Bell and the ASMF


On Sunday, the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, in its tenth appearance for the Celebrity Series of Boston, greeted a packed Symphony Hall as part of its coast-to-coast tour of the United States. Joshua Bell presided with both stasis and flair.    [continued]

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Sweet and Glorious Chamber Music


The (glorious) duo of pianist Gloria Chen and violinist Arnaud Sussman made a memorable appearance at Newton’s Temple Emanuel’s on Sunday afternoon, where the large audience enjoyed two sonatas of 250th-birthday-boy Beethoven as well as sonatas by Ravel and Debussy, and three romances by Clara Schumann.    [continued]

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Heavenly Vision Made Music


With Hildegard of Bingen’s morality play, Ordo virtutum, Cappella Clausura riveted this writer at St. Paul’s Church in Brookline on Sunday afternoon      [continued]

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Ecstacy/Enstasy at New School


Sonic Liberation Players appeared at the New School of Music in Cambridge Saturday evening in “Ecstasy/Enstasy.” On SLP’s minds were “climate emergency” and those experiences arising from the opposite of ecstasy. The coinage “enstacy” has us thinking about meditative states and that is where SLP remained for the hour.    [continued]

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