About: Rachael Fuller

Rachael Fuller received her B.M. in Piano Performance and M.A. in Music Theory from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, where she studied piano with Jerry Wong, music theory with Richard Devore, and musicology with Theodore Albrecht. Previously, Rachael studied piano at Heidelberg University with Pierre van der Westhuizen. Currently, she works as an Administrative Assistant for the Department of Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She runs administration for two research labs by day and attends concerts of many kinds by night. While in Ohio, Rachael began a lecture series in music history at an arts center, stressing the importance of including the entire community in learning about art music. Her research interests extend beyond traditional classical music, including experimental music, film music, and punk rock. However, her first love is Beethoven’s piano music, which she plays religiously. Rachael also writes her own blog, Sound Merit, at https://soundmerit.com/, which battles the art of analyzing popular music and experimental music in a serious, respectful manner. Although Rachael was born in Boston, Massachusetts, her parents transported her to a rural town outside of Cleveland, Ohio, in her early years. She finally found a way back last year on her own. She currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she also enjoys raiding cooking blogs, building her record collection, and going to punk rock shows.

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