About: Leslie Gerber

Leslie Gerber was born in Brooklyn in 1943 and graduated from Brooklyn College with a useless degree in Creative Writing. In 1970 he started Parnassus Records, which publishes classical recordings and formerly sold used and rare recordings. He has written for The American Record Guide and Fanfare, and “Performance Today,” and reviewed well over 1500 classical CDs for Amazon. Currently he writes for Classic Record Collector and for the Woodstock Times. He was “Classical Music Director” of WDST-FM, in Woodstock, New York, from 1980 until 1991. He produced the series “The Grand Piano” for WMHT-FM. He has written program notes for CBS Classics, RCA, for his own Parnassus label, and for the Hudson Valley Philharmonic. He also writes and performs poetry. His writing website is http://www.lesliegerber.net/. He lives in Woodstock, New York, with his companion of 25 years, Tara McCarthy, herself a successful and prolific writer of educational materials.

Articles by Leslie Gerber: