Submission Guidelines & Policies

Calendar Listings

Please send calendar listings (including, date, time presenter contact information and full program) as plain text to info(at), noting that the submissions will be moderated and edited before posting. Please also note that BMInt only accepts listings for concerts within Rt. 128 during the regular concert season.

Reviews and Articles

BMInt encourages the submission of sample reviews and articles for consideration, though in general, reviewers and writers are assigned concerts and article subjects by the editor. Concert reviews should contain 600 to 1,000 words, as longer reviews may lose the interest of the readers. Articles may be considerably longer if the subjects warrant. Reviews should be submitted withing 48 hours, or sooner in the case of important concerts which have subsequent performances.

Clear and interesting photographs are welcome with the understanding that they may be edited or cropped. Please include captions and photographers’ credits.

Please submit by email to info (at)

The Format

Author’s name

Text of the article. Please do not format; simply separate paragraphs by a double space. Discussion should include a critique of the performance and the artists as well as information on the pieces performed and the concert venue, when appropriate.

We do not require the concert program listing at the beginning of the review, though the presenter and the date and location of the program should be included within the first two paragraphs. Reference should be made to subsequent performances.