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Monkey, A Kung Fu Puppet Parable Previewed


“The family friendly transmedia opera combining Bunraku puppetry, computer generated images, and live opera. MONKEY is based on the Chinese quest saga, “Journey to the West,” rewritten to reflect contemporary issues from the multicultural mosaic of American life. Besides the two fundamental operatic elements of text and music, the three main characters — Monkey, Pig (Zhu), and Sandwoman (Sha) — are life sized Bunraku puppets. MONKEY delves into the world of computer generated technology through the use of CGI environs and avatars. Live singers on stage will be the voices of the puppets and avatars.” Continues tonight and tomorrow afternoon at the Emerson Paramount Center. Kathy Wittman’s rehearsal pictures appear below the break.  Tickets HERE. Our review is HERE.

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  1. Now I see what I missed! Should have gone on Friday but ordering problems and fear of bad weather that didn’t happen. Oh well, maybe it’l be done again but looks like a massive undertaking. BUT I must mention that something needs to be done about the REQUIREMENT to only use passworded accounts to order tickets on-line. I don’t trust Password Managers–all are hackable–and since I want to order from well over a dozen outfits a year tracking dozens of separate passwords is a BIG nuisance. BTW I see the date 23 September on this but earlier on the 24TH I went to BMInt but found nothing on Monkey–apparently these is a publication lag. I’ve seen that effect elsewhere where is seems Google/Gmail etc. and our other Masters can take their sweet time in putting stuff on-line. I don’t do Social Media. When I used to have to report Downtown once a week for work I often got to do my ordering then as the Office was mere feet from Emerson’s ticket office.
    Anyways, having to order ONLY through passworded accounts is my BIG BEEF! Someone get them to change!

    Comment by Nathan Redshield — September 24, 2023 at 4:30 pm

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